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Individual Counselling
Individual Counselling
In individual counselling, clients get the full support of the therapist to explore their problems without being judged. Instead, clients experience, sometimes for the first time, being really listened to. They are offered a fresh perspective to their problem with the safety to explore and self assess how they are responding to it. From here it is possible to explore what is in their power to change.
Couples Counselling
Couples Counselling
Couple therapy can provide couples the opportunity to pause this reactive cycle, reset their orientation toward secure functioning and success, improve their listening skills, resolve problems, and increase intimacy through re-discovery of their own and their partners needs and yearnings.
Family Therapy


Family therapy can help families to find new ways to deal with any problem by meeting each member where they are at, eliciting every member’s voice, improve listening and communication skills, learn new tools for resolving conflicts and learn the art of collaboration, be supportive and supported in the lifelong quest of adapting to change.
Counselling For Parents
For all the joy there can be in parenting, at times it can be frustrating and stressful. Whether it is the cause of conflict with your partner, trying to manage your child’s emotions or behaviour, managing a blended family or looking for support as a single parent, counselling can help.
Adolescents Counselling
It’s tough being an adolescent, the demands of schools, friends and family let alone the neurological rewiring that is taking place, can makes this period confusion and source of conflict in families.
If you are:

  • No longer able to communicate successfully with your adolescent.
  • Worried about your adolescent’s mental health/school performance/friendships/safety/acting out/time spent on devices.
    Call me on 0414 709 381 to discuss the possibility of family therapy with your adolescent.

Schedule Of Fees

Online Fees

Single Sessions for Individuals,Couples & Families

60 Minutes
Individuals – $200 + GST
Couples – $250 + GST
Family – $250 +GST

90 Minutes
Individuals – $250 + GST
Couple – $300 +GST
Family – $300 +GST

Bulk Session Packages for Individuals 

60 min 5 Session Package – $850 + GST
90 min 5 Session Package – $1060 + GST
60 min 10 Session Package – $1600 +GST
90 min 10 Session Package – $2000 +GST


Bulk Session Packages for Couples and Families

60 min 5 Session Package – $1060 + GST
90 min 5 Session Package – $1275 + GST
60 min10 Session Package – $2000 + GST
90 min 10 Session Package – $2400 + GST



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