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Counselling Services
Individuals, Couples and Families all experience moments of feeling stuck and overwhelmed by problems. Sometimes we lack the inner and outer resources required to adapt to what is being demanded of us and it can lead to emotional and psychological pain. Skilled and helpful support through counselling and psychotherapy can provide relief and improve relationships whether it be the relationship with yourself, your partner or between family members. In fact, without support, at best change is more difficult and at worst it doesn’t happen.

We can support you if you want to:

  • Reconnect with your partner
  • Understand yourself and your partner better
  • Break the cycle of unhelpful behavioural patterns
  • Learn better ways to communicate with each other
  • Establish trust
  • Learn to empathise and be more compassionate
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your relationship and your family
  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Understand your strengths and growth areas pre-commitment
  • Become a better parent/parents
  • Heal from broken trust and create a stronger relationship
  • Learn how to attract the right partner
  • Look after yourself and your children as a single parent
  • Heal successfully from a separation or divorce
  • Improve relationships with extended family members
  • Help your teenager get back on track
Individual Therapy
Individual Counselling
In individual counselling, clients get the full support of the therapist to explore their problems without being judged. Instead, clients experience, sometimes for the first time, being really listened to. They are offered a fresh perspective to their problem with the safety to explore and self assess how they are responding to it. From here it is possible to explore what is in their power to change.
Counselling For Couples
Counselling For Couples
Every couple has unresolved differences and disagreements which can often lead to feeling disconnected, misunderstood, criticised and unappreciated by the other. Life stressors can tip the scales and lead to more chronic feelings of disconnection. The longer differences remain unresolved the higher the risk of falling into unhelpful reactive cycles marked by criticism and defensiveness which could lead to separation or divorce.
Family Therapy
Family Therapy
Like Couples, being in a family can provide much nourishment, support and security. However, families are also in a constant state of flux, dealing with change and problems that cause stress. Is it any wonder that family relationships are affected? Under these conditions family members may experience a decrease in connection with each other and possibly an increase in conflict amongst some of its members.
For all the joy there can be in parenting, at times it can be frustrating and stressful. Whether it is the cause of conflict with your partner, trying to manage your child’s emotions or behaviour, managing a blended family or looking for support as a single parent, counselling can help.
Family therapy provides a helpful space that gives teenagers a voice and supports the transition from parent/child to parent/young person relationship. It can also help improve family relationships by giving teenagers the support they need and parents the confidence to relate to their adolescent.

Our Therapists

Monica Masero

Monica Masero

Whether it be an individual, adolescent, couple or family, Monica Masero specializes in helping people in relationships to reconnect with their authentic needs, creating safe, open and collaborative spaces to have new and insightful conversations. She helps clients identify constraints that are getting in the way of their desired change and motivates new found energy and perspectives. Clients leave with new tools that are sustainable and easy to learn. The high level of trust and safety that clients feel with Monica is a product of her warmth, compassion and genuine sense of humour that she brings to the room.

Monica has spent most of her working life supporting people to have conversations that make a difference to their lives. She spent 9 years working in Human Rights and Equal Opportunity as a Conciliator successfully facilitating resolution to complex disputes. Whilst blending a family and undertaking extensive study and training, she began her second career as a Couple Therapist and Gestalt Psychotherapist adding Family Therapy to her skill set. She works both in her private practice in the Eastern Suburbs as well as for an NGO with at risk adolescents using family therapy to help them get back on track.


Monica Masero

Adrian Workman

Adrian Workman has been working with Individuals, couples and young persons (16-24) for over 15 years. His ability to quickly develop trust and rapport with clients is supported by a sharp curiosity enabling clients to unlock important insights and open new possibilities for navigating issues. He is highly skilled at maintaining safety throughout his sessions, accelerating the ability for clients to move through difficult times. His integrated approach to counselling means that he is quick to adapt to finding the best way to work together, whether it’s providing new tools and strategies for daily living or processing complex issues and challenges. Adrian is an empathetic and warm practitioner who is dedicated to his profession.


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Kind Words From People We Have Helped

“It was important to us to find a counselor who allowed us to speak about deeply personal and painful things in a safe and supportive environment. It was particularly important for my husband to feel comfortable opening up in counseling sessions. We both “clicked” with Monica. She listened to the issues at hand and was able to offer new perspectives on situations, creating a shift in what had seemed an insurmountable impasse. We came away from our sessions feeling empowered, and more in tune with each others needs. Now we see Monica periodically, whenever things get a bit “wobbly”, to help us tune into each other’s feelings and needs. This gives me a lot of comfort and reassurance; that we have a support and resource at hand for when things get really tricky.”
Important To Us

As a same sex couple there’s always the fear of being misunderstood or people making assumptions based on stereotypes and generalizations. These concerns were completely irrelevant with Monica. Monica approaches our couples counseling with a delicate balance of openness, assertiveness, and gentleness. She has helped us to see the bigger picture issues when we’ve been bogged down in the minutiae. Monica is both an informed and sensitive practitioner and we are so grateful to have her wisdom when we lose perspective.
Ollie and Rebecca

“I was referred to Monica by a friend about 8 years ago. I was going through a very rough time with my husband. He had cheated. My world had collapsed and I thought that my marriage could never recover from something like this. I had never been to a counsellor before and was extremely reluctant to see Monica initially. As soon as we walked into her office, she immediately made me feel comfortable.”
Referred To Monica

“Monica doesn’t provide a silver bullet. But that is very appropriate. What she does provide is an emotional and intelligent space – with lots of direction for when we couldn’t get there ourselves – toward better understanding. And that has been our relationship savior.
We love her and honor her.”
Anne and David
Emotional and Intelligent Space

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